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'Buo ako sa sarili ko': Ruffa Gutierrez is fine with being single

Ruffa would rather stay single than be in a problematic relationship!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

9/8/2020 in News
'Buo ako sa sarili ko': Ruffa Gutierrez is fine with being single

Ruffa Gutierrez got real and talked about her contentment with singlehood in the latest episode of Toni Gonzaga's "I Feel U."

"For me, okay naman ako mag-isa. Kaya ko naman mabuhay with my kids, with my dogs, and my career. Buo ako sa sarili ko," she said on the September 6 episode of the show.

Ruffa stressed that if she were to get into a relationship, she would want it to be healthy and mature, saying, "I need a man that will grow with me. I need a man that will make me feel happy. And if he doesn’t fulfill that need anymore, okay bye."

The beauty queen-turned-actress was married once to Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektas. They have two kids together — Lorin and Venice. Since their separation, Ruffa has never wanted to get remarried.

She shared, "Ayaw ko nga magpakasal ulit eh kasi ‘di ba, you have to go through an annulment again. Tapos marami akong nakikitang marriages na parang they are just with their partners because for the kids, just to make it work."

Throughout the years, Ruffa's view of love has definitely changed.

"Nagbago talaga. I am very different when it comes to my perception of love. A lot of my Bible study-mates are saying, ‘Ruffa, you have to get married again. We really pray for you na you’ll have a family again.’ Guys, I’m okay. You don’t need to pray for me. I’m not lonely. I’m fine the way I am," Ruffa related.

The "Love Thy Woman" actress is currently dating Israeli-French businessman Jordan Mouyal. Right now, she's enjoying what they have and is feeling no pressure about tying the knot.

She said, "If the time comes that my partner will propose or I feel that it’s right and I feel that it will make me happy forever, kahit 70 pwede ako magpakasal. Why not?"

Watch her full interview on "I Feel U" here:

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