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Jolina Magdangal's 'Mulan'-like clip goes viral!

Jolina Magdangal 'Mulan' audition tape leaked? (LOL) 😂

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/7/2020 in News
Jolina Magdangal's 'Mulan'-like clip goes viral!

Jolina Magdangal as a movie meme? YES! 

A snippet of her performance in the film "Tunay na Tunay: Gets Mo? Gets Ko!" has gone viral and we're living! The video was uploaded by Twitter user @47Ronan. 

He wrote, "Iba atang #Mulan ang na-download ko."

The 34-second clip was a scene off Jolina and Robin Padilla's action-rom-com. In the movie, Jolina played Tin Tin, a Chinese woman who is trying to escape an arranged marriage. So, she ran away from home and worked as a waitress in a Chinese restaurant.

Mala warrior princess like Mulan naman talaga si Jolina in this movie! 

Watch it here:



The Pinoy sense of humor is really something else! 😂 The video has more than 96,000 views as of writing.

Opposite Jolina's Tin Tin is Nick (Robin), an undercover police officer. His last mission failed, so he needed to keep a low profile. He was struggling to make ends meet so he accepted a detective job from a Chinese businessman.

The film was released in 2000, and was a blockbuster success. Robin was recognized as the Box Office King of Philippine Movies for his performance in the film, and Jolina received the citation Princess of RP Movies.

Watch the supercut of "Tunay na Tunay: Gets Mo? Gets Ko!" here!

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