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11 celebs and their new lockdown hobbies

The surprising hobbies of Kathryn, Nadine, Liza, and more celebs have picked up while in quarantine!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin
- 9/6/2020 in Photos

The most underrated phrase of the year is, “How are you?” It seems like a simple throwaway question, but given what we’ve all been experiencing lately, having someone check up on us can sometimes mean the world.

We’re all dealing with this pandemic and being on lockdown differently. Some have been trying things they otherwise couldn’t have time pre-pandemic, like these celebrities!

Be it finding their inner green thumbs, and even working on cars, all these stars have found creative and clever ways to make use of their spare time while quarantined.

Browse the gallery above to find out what your favorite celebs are up to these days!

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