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9 Pinoy celebrities who have opened up about mental health

We salute these celebs who have spoken out about their mental health struggles to help others!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/6/2020 in News
9 Pinoy celebrities who have opened up about mental health

Mental health is a topic that should always be taken seriously and is definitely one that should be talked about more.

As a society, we still have a long way to go in terms of awareness, but there are people who have found the courage to speak up about their own experiences and that’s already a huge step.

To hear prominent figures speaking up about this is important so the world can break the stigma, and inspire more people to seek help when they feel like they need it and not be ashamed.

Here are some Pinoy celebrities who have led better lives after their battles with mental illness and have talked about it openly, with the hopes of helping someone who’s dealing with it.

1. Maricel Soriano

After the heartbreak of losing her mother, the Diamond Star revealed that she struggled with depression. But she coped up by seeking professional help.

"Kinailangan ko ng [psychiatric help], hindi ko kaya nung namatay ang nanay ko. Siguro apat na araw akong gising. Hindi ako natutulog," Maricel said in an interview with Yahoo last September 2014.

2. Gab Valenciano

On Suicide Prevention Day last September 2019, Gab shared that he attempted to take his own life several times in the past. But he was able to hold on, because of the grace and love he received from God, his family, and his friends.

Through an Instagram post, he shared, "Hanging from the twenty-second floor of a condominium, deliberately hurting myself and substance abuse could have been the end of my story, but I believe that my failed attempts had a greater calling and that calling is to reach out and help as many people as I can who are struggling with mental health issues, through empathy and compassion."

3. Kylie Versoza

Miss International 2016 Kylie confessed that she was diagnosed with clinical depression.

Last July 2018, Kylie revealed, "No one knew but my family, and I suffered and survived in silence. When given the opportunity to speak about it, I took it, even when I was discouraged and told to focus on more visible and popular advocacies. This is very personal to me. This is for everyone who’s suffered from depression, mood disorders, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or any form of mental illness. You are not alone."

She continued, "Get help. Speak to someone. Let’s speak up more about mental health before it’s too late."

4. Nadine Lustre

In an interview with ANC's "Headstart” in March 2019, Nadine opened up about the depression she experienced several years ago when she was beginning to feel the weight of her career on her shoulders.

"There was pressure. I was really insecure. I had a lot of issues with myself. I didn't know who I was. I was so lost. I never said this to anyone. I was also a little bit suicidal before. Parang I can't take it anymore. I just wanted to kill myself," she said.

The "Never Not Love You" actress said it is the help of her loved ones that got her in a better place.

5. Janella Salvador

After her breakup with ex Elmo Magalona back in 2018, Janella made a revelation on "Tonight with Boy Abunda" about the dark times she went through.

"I went through a really bad time. I got depressed. I didn't want to get out of the house anymore. I was stuck there with all the bad memories in my head," she said.

But through the help of friends and her faith, she was able to bounce back. "God spoke to me, and since that day, I had a different outlook now in life."

6. Iza Calzado

Growing up, Iza would always hear people's comments about her weight. She was then diagnosed with depression, which only led her to gain weight even more.

When she got into showbiz, she was still battling with insecurity and was in a love-hate relationship with her body. But upon reaching her 30s, Iza began to realize the importance of accepting herself.

In a letter she wrote for Metro.Style last June 2019, she shared that she has chosen to take the path of self-acceptance. "Perhaps the journey is far from over, and I have so many things I still need to address within myself to help me become a better version of myself. So I keep my head up and continue marching on, arming myself with self-love, compassion, and acceptance. But today, as I share my story, I can truly tell myself, 'I am enough,'" she said.

7. Jessy Mendiola

Sexy actress Jessy once went through a depression that was caused by constant judgments of people about her body.

People were quick to body-shame her for her "big thighs" and other imperfections, and so she lost confidence. Eventually, it began to affect her work. But soon, she gathered all her strength and decided to have a change of perspective.

In an Instagram post in March 2018, she said, "When I decided to shift perspective, everything started falling into place. I may not be the sexiest for others, but I am sexy and beautiful for myself, that alone is enough. Shout out to every ‘pata girl’ out there, just keep going. Love yourself, love your body and it will love you back. TRUST ME."

8. Sofia Andres

Sofia suffered from anxiety back in 2018. But she immediately sought help and began counseling and therapy sessions.

On Twitter, she shared, "I have been dealing with anxiety and it’s so bad. You guys must appreciate people around you no matter what. You might not need them now, but eventually, you will. Everyone is an individual and everyone gets anxious, just on different levels and to different extents.

She also reminded everyone to "spread the love.”

9. Solenn Heussaff

In a blog entry two years ago, it-girl Solenn revealed that she experienced anxiety attacks during the time when she felt like her career was going on a downward spiral.

"I couldn't understand what was happening to me. Clearly, more people had bigger problems than me. Yet I was still struggling mentally and emotionally, but at the same time, I didn't think I had valid reasons to be struggling. So I didn't want to talk to my family or my friends about it, because I was afraid to be judged and I was afraid they would get so worried. I didn't want to see a psychologist, because I couldn't admit that there was something wrong with me," she said.

Solenn then stressed the importance of talking to someone, no matter how small you think your problem is. She also advised people to always be kind to one another because you never know how a person is going to take your words.

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