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'The Four Bad Boys and Me' Episode 2 recap: It's all a prank!

You have to see Jeydon's (Rhys Miguel) hilarious pranks to Candice (Kaori Oinuma)! 😂

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

9/4/2020 in News
'The Four Bad Boys and Me' Episode 2 recap: It's all a prank!

After the extremely kilig-inducing pilot episode of "The Four Bad Boys Boys and Me," we were left with one big question — who kissed Candice (Kaori Oinuma)?! The thrill continued this week, and as we tried to solve the mystery of "the kiss," we got to meet a new interesting character.

We were introduced to the campus queen bee Stacey (Chie Filomeno), who immediately caught our attention with her talent for using abbreviations in every sentence. In class, she confronted RBF queen Candice, saying, "FYI, hindi ka hahalikan ni Jeydon (Rhys Miguel) 'no! You're making me ROTFL."

Master lovecaster DJ Zari (Maymay Entrata) explained that Stacey is the most "manipulative girl" in school, and that she's "deads na deads kay Jeydon." No wonder she treated Candice like this!

Being a "palaban" girl herself, Candice replied, "Bakit hindi siya 'yung tanungin mo, eh siya 'yung humalik?" And then suddenly, the girls got into a nasty catfight! Good thing Ma'am Tina (Alora Sasam) entered the room and stopped their squabbling.

Later in the Computer Room, the super friendly Tiffany (Karina Bautista) approached Candice and started calling her "bish", meaning, "b*tch na beshie."

"Nag-level up na kasi 'yung friendship natin, from friends to best friends," she said.

Just then, Tiffany noticed that all the computer screens were showing a zombified photo of Candice! Oh, no! Somebody was pulling a prank on our girl!

Candice said, "Kilala ko na kung sinong may pakana niyan! Ugh! Jeydon Lopez!"

Still sulking, Candice went to the canteen for lunch but was interrupted by someone telling her to go to the faculty room for an urgent matter. When she arrived there, it turned out that nobody was looking for her! Nada. Zero. Tired and annoyed, Candice returned to the canteen to finish her lunch but found worms in her food! OMG, right? It was another prank orchestrated by Jeydon! Candice's annoyance level: Probably 1000%.

When she returned to class, Candice's classmates noticed that she had a stain on her skirt that looked like blood but smelled distinctly of ketchup. You already know, this was Jeydon's prank number three. 🤦

However, Candice's long day was made brighter by Marky (Jeremiah Lisbo). She saw him playing the piano in the Music Room and they had a little chat. Obviously smitten by him and his charms, Candice went, "Kapag nagpe-play ka, parang walang problema sa mundo."

Hala, in love ka na ba girl? ❤️

Candice went home that day to what she thought was going to be some peace and quiet but lo and behold — she was wrong! Up in her room, she heard some noise coming from downstairs, and it sounded like a group of people were partying. There, she found Jeydon, Marky, Troy, and Charles (a.k.a. the four bad boys a.k.a. APAT) dancing and having fun!

"Teka nga, bakit nandito kayong apat?!" Candice asked.

We have the same exact question, girl! What were the four bad boys doing in Candice's house?! We can't wait to find out next week!

Watch the second episode here now!

You can also listen to it here!


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