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Julia Barretto shares update on her NBI case vs Jay Sonza

Julia Barretto: "Go get your power back."

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/30/2020 in News
Julia Barretto shares update on her NBI case vs Jay Sonza

Julia Barretto shared an update regarding the criminal case she filed against veteran newscaster Jay Sonza in an interview with members of the press today, September 30.

Last September 21, Sonza wrote in a Facebook post that the actress was carrying Gerald Anderson's baby.

The allegation was immediately denied by Julia, her mother Marjorie Barretto, and a representative from Star Magic. Then, on September 25, Julia went to the NBI Cybercrime Division to file a formal complaint against Sonza.

Today, September 30, Julia spoke with the media in her press conference as a new Viva Artists Agency talent. There, she was asked about her feelings regarding the latest controversy she faced.


To that, Julia answered, "I'm okay. Like I always say and I always answer, ang daming nakapaligid sa akin na pamilya at mga kaibigan na todo talagang alalay sa akin sa kahit ano pang dumating sa life ko."

"I'm okay now because I think I became much braver and just wiser and I have a very good support system also. Saka lalo na kapag fake news 'di ba? Kapag hindi naman totoo ang mga balita tungkol sa akin dine-dedma na lang dapat usually 'yan."

She added, "Right now they're all under investigation so what I'm waiting for is feedback from NBI and then we can go ahead with our case."


Julia was then asked if there was anything she would like to say to people who are going through the same things she's going through.

"Go get your power back. Sometimes, these people think we don't have the power to stand up, and speak up, or do something about it," Julia said. "And they feel like they've gotten that power from you because you're not doing anything about it. But the moment you do something for yourself, you're getting your power back."

"So at the end of the day, this is not just about the case. This is about getting your power back. That you're the only one who holds that power."

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