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JeyDice or MarDice: Which one are you rooting for?

Jeydon and Candice and Marky: A love triangle!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/30/2020 in News
JeyDice or MarDice: Which one are you rooting for?

JeyDice or MarDice?

We can't wait to see Candice (Kaori Oinuma) continue to be conflicted about her feelings for both Jeydon (Rhys Miguel) and Marky (Jeremiah) in the remaining episodes of "The Four Bad Boys and Me"!

We want to take a closer look into Candice's relationship with the two "bad boys," and maybe you can help us predict who is she more likely to end up with because there are only a few chapters left before the grand finale and the anticipation is making is anxious!

Candice has a history with Jeydon. As it was revealed in the show, they were childhood besties. But "something" happened that made their relationship fall apart. Hence, Jeydon and Candice didn't really get along when the show started.

Marky, however, caught Candice's eyes. Cue: kilig noises

In the first episode, it was obvious that Candice is crushing on the gentle and sweet Marky. She described him, saying, "Tahimik lang, mysterious in a good way, laughing eyes."

He's a real dreamy guy, so we get why Candice is genuinely interested in Marky. Her admiration for him continued when they had a little romantic moment at the piano room in Episode two!

But in the third chapter, we saw a change in Jeydon and Candice's stormy dynamic.

First, he bribed Candice by asking her to be his "slave" in exchange for him not divulging her secret gig as Xavier Ninja to the entire school. And then, he began visiting her house for tutorial sessions!

By the end of the episode, we were all shook when Jeydon confessed to Candice that he wanted to "spend more time with you because I wanna be your boyfriend."

BUT WAIT! There's more. Marky butted in and said, "Ako sana, more than friends."

By the fourth episode, things were getting clearer. Maybe Candice has "feelings" for Marky, being the sweet, smart, kind, and good-looking guy that he is. But her feelings for Jeydon, who is tough on the outside but is very thoughtful and romantic deep inside, was also developing.

We felt the ice around Candice's heart slowly melting when Jeydon appeared in their house, burning with fever! You could really see the concern in her eyes.

In the fifth episode, Candice continued to care for Jeydon and we're happy to report that things seemed to be going well between them! Pero hindi rin naman magpapatalo si Marky. For her performance on Miss Talented Xavier Season 30, Candice partnered with Marky for a song number.

With both Jeydon and Marky making progress in Candice's heart, talaga namang our girl has a difficult decision to make in the future.

Kanino sasabihin ni Candice ang three words to forever? Kanino siya maghe-hello at kanino siya mag-gu-goodbye?

All we can do for now is wait and listen to love over and over!

To experience the happiness and kilig in "The Four Bad Boys and Me" once again, listen to the Spotify podcast here!

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