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Franki Russell, Diana Mackey comment on the Frankiana ship!

#Frankiana has a message for their shippers! 💕

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

9/3/2020 in News
Franki Russell, Diana Mackey comment on the Frankiana ship!

Franki Russell and Diana Mackey, a.k.a. the Kiwi sisters of "Pinoy Big Brother: Otso," reacted to fans shipping them together as #Frankiana!

On Wednesday, September 2, Franki and Diana made an appearance on the online show "We Rise Together" and talked about the beginnings of their friendship and the amazing support their fans have been giving them since "PBB."

When they entered the reality show, the two ladies did not just captivate the audience with their gorgeousness, but also of their close friendship. They are both half-Filipino and half-Kiwi, so they had an instant connection.

Franki shared, "From the beginning of 'PBB' our friendship started right away. We're always together, we share the same bed, I think our fans just loved the bond."

But of course, it was only when they were evicted from the show that they found out people were rooting for them as a love team.

"Kasi noong una hindi namin alam na love team pala 'yung shini-ship ng ibang fans. Kaya noong paglabas namin [ng bahay], nagulat talaga kami," Diana said. "Sobrang nagulat kami sa mga supporters. Pero noong una hindi pa namin alam. Super grateful for them."

Franki added, "When we're in the house, we have no idea what's going on [outside], so when we first walked out onto the stage we saw people holding our faces together in banners. And the rest is history!"

Life has changed for Franki and Diana since their "PBB" stint. Diana said they owed all the opportunities coming their way to their supporters.

She related, "Sobrang daming nabago. Sobrang life-changing noong nangyari. As in never kong in-expect na magkakaroon kami ng ganoong klaseng supporters, 'yung mga projects na nakuha namin because of our supporters. Sobrang grateful."

Franki agreed and said, "It's so crazy [it feels like] there's a big family that supports us that know us from 'PBB". We feel very lucky and grateful for the support. Everything that happened to us [is because of our supporters]."

Watch Franki and Diana's interview on "We Rise Together" here!

New episodes of "We Rise Together" come out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! It is hosted by DJ Jhai Ho and the Rise Artists Studio talents.

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