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PHOTOS: Anne, Erwan mark Baby Dahlia's 6th month!

Baby Dahlia has her Papa Erwan's eyes! 😍

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/3/2020 in News
PHOTOS: Anne, Erwan mark Baby Dahlia's 6th month!

Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff's daughter Dahlia Amelie is now six-months-old!

The proud parents happily took to Instagram on Wednesday, September 2, to share the mini photoshoot they did with their daughter. In Anne's post, Baby Dahlia can be seen sitting on her own, with a beautiful floral arrangement.


"Happy 6th month to our little ErwAnneita ✨ Je t’aime ma petite fleur, Dahlia Amélie," she wrote in the caption.



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"I feel like it was just yesterday that I gave birth and held this sweet little girl in my arms for the first time...and just like that, half a year has gone by. Mixed emotions of excitement to seeing her grow and experiencing all her milestones BUT also wanting to keep her as my little baby."

She continued, "I guess, now I understand when mums and dads say 'you’ll always be my little baby' - because that’s what she’ll always be to me. My little Dahlia Amélie. 🌸"


"Ba 'yan. 6 months pa lang, emotional na ako. What more 'pag 1st birthday? 16th? 18th? 21st?! 😂" Anne added.

Erwan shared more close-up photos of Baby Dahlia on his feed. In the caption, he wrote, "A lifetime of smiles in half a year."



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And if you're curious about how the Heussaffs actually pull off their photoshoots, Anne also gave us a glimpse of their struggles in her Instagram Stories.

Happy sixth month, Baby Dahlia!

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