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Bea Alonzo gives us a tour of her eight-year-old house!

An art piece from Zanjoe, a painting of Anne + more of the most interesting details from Bea's first house tour.

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/28/2020 in News
Bea Alonzo gives us a tour of her eight-year-old house!

After being on Youtube hiatus for nine months, Bea Alonzo finally made her comeback, and she did it by sharing her most requested video: a house tour.

Last September 26, the "Unbreakable" actress uploaded the first part of her house tour, which featured the first floor of her home, from her living room to her powder room to her kitchen, up to her lanai area.


Bea tried to be as detailed as possible, sharing the meaning of every piece of furniture and going in-depth about the art pieces in her home. According to Bea, she first bought her house back in 2012. She's redecorated it a few times since then.

One of the things that caught our attention was an art piece given to her by one of her exes, Zanjoe Marudo. It sits right in the center of her living room.

"This was gifted to me by Zanjoe before. Siyempre when we broke up, I was wondering kung dapat ba tinatanggal 'yung mga bagay na meron ka from your ex. But I just really find it so beautiful and it reminds me of our good memories so I thought why not keep it. So I kept it and it's really nice," she explained.

Bea also has a painting of Anne Curtis in her living room.


You can watch her full vlog here:


Bea starred in the 2019 drama "Unbreakable" alongside Angelica Panganiban and Richard Gutierrez.

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