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Witness the magic of Pinoy film restoration

Check out some of the Pinoy cinema favorites before and after restoration 🤯

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin
- 9/27/2020 in Photos

It’s been a disheartening couple of months, not only for the entertainment world, but also for culture at large.

ABS-CBN Film Restoration, sad to say, has officially been closed, which means there’ll be no more restoration of films at the time being.

This is a huge hit to our cinema history and culture because film restoration isn’t just about “prettying up” old films—it’s also about preserving our history, commemorating our bygone visionary directors, and most importantly, building a strong archive of the Filipino identity as told through movies.

In honor of ABS-CBN Film Restoration’s tireless work of keeping cinema classics for future generations, we’ve compiled several before-and-after shots of restored Pinoy movies. We hope sometime in the not-too-distant future that we can continue preserving our very own cinematic history.

Love live, Philippine cinema!

Watch videos here:

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