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EXCLUSIVE: Maris, Inigo spotted on the set of a secret movie!

Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual look ~very close~ in these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/26/2020 in News
EXCLUSIVE: Maris, Inigo spotted on the set of a secret movie!

Yup, Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual are working together again!

In exclusive photos from the set of their top-secret project, we see the pair posing with big smiles, in colorful outfits, looking extremely ~close~. Nakakakilig ang closeness nila! Bet your MarNigo heart is jumping from joy! See the photos here:

The project is a film by Star Cinema director Jumbo Albano. He's been sharing photos from the set on his Instagram, and based on that alone, it seems as though there's more to this movie than you might think. What could the mystery be?



A post shared by Jumbo Albano (@thejumbosausage) on



A post shared by Jumbo Albano (@thejumbosausage) on

This new film marks a reunion of sorts for Maris and Inigo, who last worked together on the 2019 Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino entry, "I'm Ellenya L." It will also be their first project after Maris publicly admitted on "Tonight with Boy Abunda" last year that Iñigo "broke her heart."

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Inigo responded to this with a heartfelt apology on "Magandang Buhay."

He said, "We talked about it maturely. I could never say anything bad about Maris. To be honest, about the whole thing that happened, she's ready to give everything, her all. It's just sad that it had to be the situation that it was. I could say if I were to love somebody I would give my all and it's just sad that I couldn't do that. I was heartbroken. That was the situation that we had and I felt bad as well."

Are you excited to see MarNigo back on the big screen? Watch out for more updates here on StarCinema.com.ph and on Star Cinema's social accounts!

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Maris appeared in the 2020 Mikhail Red zombie thriller, "Block Z." Inigo, on the other hand, has been focusing on his music and last year, released his first internationally-produced single, "Options."

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