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'The Four Bad Boys and Me' Episode 5 recap: Knight in shining armor

We're screaming! JeyDice and TrIffany went on dates! ❤️

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

9/25/2020 in News
'The Four Bad Boys and Me' Episode 5 recap: Knight in shining armor

Candice (Kaori Oinuma) and Jeydon (Rhys Miguel) stans were definitely well fed on the fifth episode of "The Four Bad Boys and Me"! 💕

Candice took care of the sick Jeydon, even going as far as buying his favorite dumpling noodles! The two had so many cute moments, that Master Lovecaster DJ Zari (Maymay Entrata) said, "Nagmamadali na pumorma 'to si Jeydon, kahit may sakit, dumidiskarte!"

The next day, Jeydon helped Candice get contact lenses, so she wouldn't have to wear glasses at the pageant. Pasimpleng concerned ang bad boy!

While they were at the mall, they saw Troy (Aljon Mendoza) and Tiffany (Karina Bautista) on a date! 😱 They stalked them to a restaurant and heard Troy say the cheesiest pick-up line in the history of cheesy pick-up lines: "Kapag ang bad boy nagmahal, pati asin, lalanggamin." LOL.

Just then, they received a text to go to Marky's (Jeremiah Lisbo) house to rehearse Candice's talent portion performance for the upcoming Miss Talented Xavier Season 30. After a bunch of suggestions, they ultimately decided that Candice will have a duet with Marky.

On the morning of pageant day, Stacey (Chie Filomeno) went to Jeydon's house and asked him to be her escort! But don't worry, because Jeydon refused and told her he will be assisting Candice. We love a loyal man.

Finally, it's the night of the pageant! When it was Candice's turn to perform at the talent portion... she froze because Marky was nowhere to be seen! Oh, no.

But then, she saw someone walking towards her...a knight in shining armor!

Who was it? Watch the full episode now and find out!

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