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5 of the most 'kilig' JeyDice moments on 'The Four Bad Boys and Me' EP 5!

Mapapatili ka sa kilig sa mga kaganapan between Candice and Jeydon! 💗

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/25/2020 in News
5 of the most 'kilig' JeyDice moments on 'The Four Bad Boys and Me' EP 5!

Our hearts may or may not have exploded after watching the latest episode of "The Four Bad Boys and Me"!

We've grown used to seeing Candice (Kaori Oinuma) and Jeydon (Rhys Miguel) bickering, but in Episode 5 of the "Listen to Love" series, we watched as they begin to make our enemies to lovers dreams come true. It really does seem like love is in the air for JeyDice!

For everyone's satisfaction, we've compiled JeyDice's top five most "kilig" moments on the fifth episode of "TFBBAM"! 💗

1. When Candice melted the medicine tablet for Jeydon

Jeydon was sick (or pretending to be?) in the beginning of this episode. When Candice offered him some medicine, he politely asked if she could crush it for him to make it easier to take.

Considering that Jeydon is a "bad boy," Candice didn't expect this request to come out of him. But his "pabebe" voice and pouty lips were just too much for her to resist! No one can say no to that face!

2. When Candice remembered Jeydon's favorite food

Candice also bought Jeydon dumpling noodles, so he can recover faster. What makes this scene lovelier is the fact that Candice still remembers Jeydon's favorite food, years after their friendship "ended"! Grabe, ewan na lang namin kung hindi pa gumaling si Jeydon niyan!

3. When Candice and Jeydon held hands

Jeydon met up with Candice at the mall to help her look for contact lenses. When Candice first removed her glasses, she couldn't see a thing! So, as a thoughtful guy, Jeydon held Candice's hands to guide her! Luh, sweet 'yan bhie?

4. When Jeydon charmed Candice with a cheesy pick-up line

Candice heard Troy (Aljon Mendoza) throw down a cheesy pick-up line to Tiffany (Karina Bautista) which made her cringe! She said, "Ano ba 'yang kaibigan mo Jeydon. Anong pinagsasabi niyan?"

But when Jeydon used the same pick-up line on her — Candice got so "kilig"! Filing this under moments na nakakahaba ng hair.

5. When Jeydon was asked if he had a crush on Candice and he said, "Oo naman."

Candice and the APAT boys played a game titled "Oo Naman." The rules are simple, a person will ask you a question and you should answer "Oo naman" — if you can't say that, you lose.

Charles (Mark Rivera) asked Jeydon: "Crush mo si Candice 'no?"

Without hesitation, Jeydon answered: "Oo naman." Okay, we know it's a game but it feels so real!

Watch episode 5 now for the full "kilig" experience!

Stay tuned for new episodes of "The Four Bad Boys and Me" every Thursday at 8:30 PM on Star Cinema's Youtube, Facebook, and Spotify!

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