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Liza Soberano will not ignore rape threat made against her

Rape is not a joke.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/23/2020 in News
Liza Soberano will not ignore rape threat made against her

Liza Soberano has reacted to a recent rape threat made against her online..

The issue began when the "My Ex and Whys" actress posted a tweet asking her internet provider for better service.

On September 6, she wrote that they "really need to start fixing their internet speed. I am an unhappy customer."



Two days later, Liza shared that a new service provider gave her a better connection. The new company "came to my house yesterday and hooked me up with the best internet I have ever experienced in my whole five years of living in this house. 300 MBPS. What a lifesaver. Lag? I don’t know her."

On September 9, Liza apologized to people who thought her tweet "about having fast internet was offensive."



She added, "And to that employee of my ex-internet provider who divulged personal information, don't try to turn this on me. My whole rant was about bad customer service. That's pretty sketchy of you trying to make it look like it's my fault why I have bad internet."



Then, just last Sunday, September 20, "rape is not a joke" trended on Twitter, in relation to a rape threat made against Liza.

The threat came from a Facebook comment of one netizen, who is allegedly an employee of her previous internet provider.

The netizen reportedly said, "Wala tayong magagawa, wala nang trabaho, kaya 'di bale nang masira ang image, magkapera lang. Sarap ipa-rape sa mga... ewan."

Pertaining to the rape threat, a netizen tagged Liza in a message that read, "If [palalampasin] niyo ulit ito, mauulit lang ulit with other people. People less influential than you. Stop the cycle."



To which the Kapamilya star responded, saying, "Don’t worry, we won’t let this one pass. They know my address."



The following day, September 21, her previous internet provider released a statement on their official Facebook page addressing the "wrongful comments and behavior of some employees over social media."

A part of their statement read, "We do not tolerate such actions toward any customer and emphasize that their personal opinions do not reflect the company’s perspective, values, and culture. We are currently dealing with this matter and we will carry out disciplinary measures accordingly."

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