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COMPILED: The best of Maris Racal's viral memes!

Here's a collection of Maris' meme-able side on and off camera!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/22/2020 in News
COMPILED: The best of Maris Racal's viral memes!

Maris Racal is gorgeous, she is talented, and she is versatile. She is also a Meme Queen and she's embracing it.

For her 23rd birthday, we are reminiscing about all the times the Kapamilya actress showed us her hilarious candid side which would, more often than not, go viral on social media. We gathered them all here so that we may never forget that Maris is a constant source of sunshine for us:

1. Maris and her viral "ASAP" production number

The origin of it all — Maris' iconic palaban dance step from her "ASAP" production number back in 2017. It gave birth to hundreds of memes but the best part of the whole thing was Maris' response to her viral status.



At nakahanap pa nga ng kakampi 😂



2. Maris did it again at Star Magic Ball 2017

Just a few months after her first meme went viral, Maris was placed back under the spotlight when she channeled her palaban side yet again, this time on the Star Magic Ball 2017 red carpet.

Photo article from: https://wethepvblic.com/funny-maris-racal-strikes-a-fierce-pose-at-star-magic-ball-2017/

Some things just don't change, 'no? 😂

3. Uy, magta-type na siya ng....

Maris embraced her meme-able self and posted a snapshot from one of her vlogs to subtly call out her bashers. The context: She intentionally called some cloves of garlic an "onion" and nanguna na siya mang-okray, writing, "Uy, magtatype na siya ng bobo..."






4. Maris and her typing video

Just last June, Maris uploaded a 6-second video of herself typing with an attitude. And being the Meme Queen that she is, her video amassed 4.8 million views as of writing and even became a source of various memes on TikTok.



Just take a look at these entries:









5. A collection of her milestones

Maris finally acknowledged that she was a Meme Queen by creating a collage of her viral memes. For some reason, that photo made us feel a tad emotional. Aminin mo, it's really her kalokohan that you love the most about her! We stan a girl with a sense of humor! ❤



just posting my milestones. so proud of who i am today

A post shared by Maris Racal (@mariesteller) on


Happy birthday, Maris!

Watch more videos of Maris here:



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