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4 of the most LOL-worthy moments on 'The Four Bad Boys and Me'!

Apart from kilig, there are also lots of comedy moments on "The Four Bad Boys and Me"!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/22/2020 in News
4 of the most LOL-worthy moments on 'The Four Bad Boys and Me'!

If you want young love stories that come with a whole lot of LOL moments, too — you'll get obsessed over "The Four Bad Boys and Me"!

The digital lovecast series follows the story of Candice (Kaori Oinuma) and the four bad boys (Rhys Miguel, Jeremiah Lisbo, Aljon Mendoza, Mark Rivera) who will complicate and bring excitement to her life.

Apart from the explosion of kilig, expect to laugh while watching the show. From the reactions of Master Lovecaster DJ Zari (Maymay Entrata) to the lines of Ma'am Tina (Alora Sasam), there are lots of comedy gems that make "TFBBAM" a delightful watch for everyone.

We've gathered some of the most LOL-worthy moments from the series so far!

1. Ma'am Tina's big breakfast

In a scene during class, Ma'am Tina said she has a big announcement. One student teased her and asked if she's pregnant.

Ma'am Tina was quick to defend herself and said, "If you must know, I just ate a big breakfast kanina kaya medyo bloated lang ako!"

Watch the hilarious scene at 10:50.

2. Jeydon's 'Walang tae sa baba'

Jeydon (Rhys) spent a lot of time in America, so it's hard for him to understand or speak much Tagalog.

When Candice asked him why he didn't knock before entering her house, Jeydon said, "The door was open. Walang tae sa baba."

We just can't deal with how dorky Jeydon is! 😂

The scene starts at 12:50.

3. OMFG, she's so pretty!

The scene where Stacey (Chie Filomeno) confronted Candice about her participation in the talent pageant? Gold. Absolute gold.

With her "palaban" and sarcastic tone, Candice said, "Ewan ko. Sabi nila, maganda raw ako, eh. Pero feeling ko sakto lang ako. Pero sila kasi nagsabi na maganda raw ako eh. Actually, chicks nga raw ako eh..."

Candice's sense of humor is really something!

Watch it at 4:42.

4. Troy being clueless

Tiffany (Karina Bautista) swore that she was going to move on from her ultimate crush, Troy (Aljon). She kept ignoring him even when he was obviously trying to make "papansin." In one scene, she refused to take a selfie video with him and walked away.

Oblivious as to why Tiffany was so mad at him, he said, "Pero ang importanteng tanong, anong cute puppy videos 'yung [nasa cellphone niya]?"

Marky then replied, "Weird mo!" 😂

See how clueless Troy was at 13:10.

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