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Markus Paterson: 'Janella is the love of my life'

Markus spills his honest opinion on girlfriend Janella Salvador's love team with Joshua Garcia.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/22/2020 in News
Markus Paterson: 'Janella is the love of my life'

Markus Paterson is a big supporter of his girlfriend Janella Salvador's love team with Joshua Garcia.

In a conversation with his friend Kyle Echarri on Youtube last night, September 21, the young actor opened up about his real feelings about JoshNella.

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He said, "I love Josh, Josh is a great guy, he's a brilliant actor, I've always been a fan of him. He and Janella have this insane chemistry on-screen and I understand that. I appreciate it, I love to see them on screen because hey, guess what? I'm not a two-year-old."

"They're professionals, they're a brilliant actor and actress, they're working. I understand that people feel a certain way when they see that, I understand," he continued.

Markus also admitted that he will never be in a love team with his girlfriend.

He said, "Me and Janella will never work together, I've said this in interviews before, we will never work together [as a love team] because I feel like we don't look good together on screen."

As for the bashing their relationship often gets on social media, Markus had this to say:

"She's the love of my life and I will never lose her to a fan's choice."

Awww! Isn't he sweet? ❤

You can watch Markus' Real Talk conversation with Kyle here:

Janella and Markus finally went public with their relationship just this September. Fans have been speculating that Janella is actually with Marcus in the United Kingdom. There are also rumors that she is pregnant with his child, but that has yet to be confirmed by either party.

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