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Ogie Alcasid asks daughter Leila: 'Am I a good father?'

Ogie and Leila open up more about their relationship and things got a bit emotional

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

9/21/2020 in News
Ogie Alcasid asks daughter Leila: 'Am I a good father?'

Ogie Alcasid and Leila Alcasid talked about their relationship as a father and daughter in an interview with Toni Gonzaga on "I Feel U" yesterday, September 20.

Leila described it, saying, "It's going through a lot of different phases. I feel like we've done a lot of growing."

The 22-year-old singer grew up in Australia with her mom, Australian beauty queen Michelle van Eimeren. It is only in the past three years that she has been staying here in the Philippines with Ogie.

She shared, "I feel like we have reached this point where we treat each other equally. He's my dad but I'm also his support system as well."

Ogie said that he is proud of his daughter.

"Medyo matindi ang pinagdaanan nito eh. Siyempre kasi nung naghiwalay kami ng [mom] niya, siya 'yung affected talaga eh, she was five-years-old," he said. "The journey hasn't been easy for her but she turned out to be really, really good."

Toni then asked Ogie if there's anything he would like to ask his daughter. Ogie then turned to Leila and asked, "Am I a good father?"

"You are a good dad," Leila answered, adding that, "every parent has their own struggles and strengths".

She continued, "I kinda moved here comparing him to my mom, 'cause I grew up with my mom. And I realized after a while, they are very different people. They give me different things and so I have learned to appreciate you for all the things you give me, and all of the wisdom you give me."

Leila then recalled all the times Ogie put in the effort to be present in her life.

"My graduation, all my birthdays, everything. He would make the effort no matter how expensive it was or no matter how hard it was with his schedule and so I appreciate that."

"But I think even more than that right now, because I'm with you, even there are things I'm going through that you don't understand, whether it be mental health or my personal struggles, even if you don't understand it, you still try your best to support me and be there for me, and let me know that I'm not alone."

Leila ended her message for Ogie saying that the love he gives her is "unmatched".

She said, "You may think that you're not doing enough, and you may think that it's not sufficient but you do a lot more than you know for me, and you affect me a lot more than you know. I care about you so much. You've done more than you know. There's a reason I still continue to go to you for everything and that's because what you give me is unmatched by anyone else."

When it was Leila's turn to ask Ogie a question, Leila asked, "Am I a good daughter? Is there anything that I could do better?"

The OPM legend said, "I think you're more than that. Mahirap ang pinagdaanan ng panganay ko. She could have become a total rebel, though you had that stage. Pwede siyang naging galit na galit lang sa akin. She could have done that. But I believe that there is this real goodness in your heart, a forgiving heart. Hindi 'yun naa-acquire lang, kusa 'yun eh."

"You are very good. You are a good daughter, you're a good person."

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