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12 Pinoy celebs who quit showbiz and where they are now

Remember these Pinoy celebs? Here’s what they’re doing now

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin
- 9/20/2020 in Photos

As the saying goes, there’s no business like show business. For many people, hitting it big in the biz and charting the road towards stardom are the ultimate goals. But the glitz and glamour of fame, as it turns out, isn’t for everybody.

If you can recall, every single person in the photo gallery above once stood glistening under the limelight. But one day, they decided to leave all of it behind—no more movies, soaps, endorsements, anything. Just a normal life, lived simply.

Most of them even relocated to new places, restarting anew in a foreign country, away from the spotlight and the once-rabid fans that used to scream their names.

Browse the gallery above to know which Pinoy celebs decided to ditch the limelight—and where they are now!

Stars we want to see again:

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