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Nadine Lustre recalls hilarious kisses 'scam' back in the '90s

Lahat tayo nabiktima.

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

9/2/2020 in News
Nadine Lustre recalls hilarious kisses 'scam' back in the '90s

Nadine Lustre's recent social media exchange with her classmate from elementary school gave us a glimpse of her incredibly relatable childhood back in the '90s!

If you're a '90s kid, then you're probably familiar with those trendy little toy kisses that you had to soak in water. You know, the ones that were supposed to multiply after leaving it for a few days. But of course, we were all scammed! 😂

Apparently, Nadine sold kisses when she was in grade school and her classmate named Paolo, shared a cute story about it on Twitter.

He said, "She sold me kisses, 'yung parang sago? She told me those [would] grow, [and] they would turn to actual Pokemons. I still bought them because I was a Pokemon fan. Nadine! Those kisses never turned to Blastoise!"

Paolo also shared that the 26-year-old star was "a great friend growing up." He added, "Mas kalaro niya kaming boys."

Nadine replied to Paolo's tweets to defend herself and even gave adorable tips on how those kisses should be grown effectively. Take notes, everyone!

The 2019 Gawad Urian Best Actress then said, "Good to know I'm not the only one who was scammed by this! 😂"

Oh, the joy of a '90s childhood!

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