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Andi Eigenmann's current pregnancy might be her last

Andi is happy with three!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/2/2020 in News
Andi Eigenmann's current pregnancy might be her last

It seems like Andi Eigenmann's current pregnancy will be her last.

Apart from hinting at this in an Instagram post on Tuesday, September 1, the vlogger-actress also opened up about how she's planning to grow her family with her surfer partner Philmar Alipayo in an exclusive interview with Metro.Style.

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According to Andi, she and Philmar are only planning to have three kids.

“Before we had Lilo, Philmar and I really wanted to have two to three kids. After having her, I knew I was gonna have another one," she admitted. "[But] because of the pandemic, and because of everything that’s happening around us, it’s been scary," she added.


Andi said her life in Siargao has been a breeze since they welcomed Lilo into the family in 2019.

“Life with her has been amazing. My relationship with her dad Philmar has only gotten stronger since she was born," she shared.

"She’s such a bundle of joy in our lives. She’s very makulit and it’s very tiring to take care of her but that’s a really good thing for us. We love that she’s that way. We love her for who she is. It just makes us even happier and more proud to be parents, seeing her so healthy and so jolly all the time,” she added.


Meanwhile, her eight-year-old daughter with Jake Ejercito, Ellie, is growing to be a fine young woman.

“I can see the type of woman she’s (Ellie) going to become. She’s really comfortable with me and she commends me for my parenting sometimes—mine and Philmar’s," she said.

"Even if I get scared when she’s not around and when she’s not here with me, I’m still happy. The way that she is and the way that she talks to me assures me that it’s okay, that we’re doing a good job,” she added.


Andi announced her third pregnancy in a vlog last August 30. She is expected to give birth in 2021.

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