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Top 4 cutest moments from 'The Four Bad Boys and Me' EP 4!

Every moment Candice spent with Jeydon and Marky was precious ❤️

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/18/2020 in News
Top 4 cutest moments from 'The Four Bad Boys and Me' EP 4!

We just can't get enough of all the cuteness that happened in the fourth episode of "The Four Bad Boys and Me," which aired last September 17.

From Jeydon's (Rhys Miguel) super adorable "pwease" to Marky's (Jeremiah Lisbo) "almost" confession — episode four truly had some of the most precious scenes we've seen so far in the visual podcast.

In no particular order, we've gathered our top four cutest moments from the fourth episode!

1. When Troy and Charles found out that Jeydon was secretly supporting Candice!

Candice (Kaori Oinuma) had to sell tickets for the talent pageant to increase her chances of winning. What she didn't know was that Jeydon was secretly sending someone to buy from her. Yieee! Secret supporter!

When Troy (Aljon Mendoza) and Charles (Mark Rivera) found out about it, they teased him. Troy said, "Bata pa lang tayo Team Candice ka na, eh. Umamin ka na kasi! Torpe!"

2. When Candice thanked Marky for buying her tickets!

Jeydon wasn't the only one going all out to support Candice. Marky also bought bundles of tickets from her!

When Candice asked him why he's so helpful, Marky said, "Well, plus 50 kami 'pag nanalo ka 'di ba? And alam mo na. What I told you yesterday..."

But before he finished his sentence, Jeydon interrupted their conversation. It's still a "kilig" moment, though!

3. When Jeydon said "pweaseee"

Jeydon was extra clingy to Candice in this episode. In one scene, he asked her to eat with him saying, "Pwease. Sige na, pwease." Syempre napapayag si Candice! 🤭

4. When Candice got concerned about Jeydon!

Candice was annoyed with Jeydon for coming in late for their tutorial session. But when she noticed that Jeydon was sick, her hate turned into concern! She even took care of him by getting him onto the sofa.

Too cute for words!

Watch the full episode four here!

You can also listen to it here!


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