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Is Janella Salvador pregnant?

Is Janella pregnant? Eagle-eyed netizens try to connect the dots!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/18/2020 in News
Is Janella Salvador pregnant?

Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson made their relationship public last week — and now, people are speculating that they might be having a baby together.

In a story published by PEP today, September 18, an anonymous source “confirmed” that Janella is pregnant. The anonymous source also alleged that only a few friends close to the actress know about the situation.

This followed Twitter users noticing that in Markus' Instagram Live last Saturday, September 12, Janella's voice can be heard in the background. Markus is currently in the United Kingdom with his family.

In the video, fans allegedly heard the "Bloody Crayons" actress saying, "I almost jumped and that’s not good. I’m not allowed to jump."


Lots of netizens reacted to the clip, which fuelled more speculations.



It is of note that last Thursday, September 10, Janella's mother Jenine Desiderio flew to an undisclosed location, together with her son Russell.


The next day, Jenine posted a photo of her fish and chips meal and asked her followers, "Can you guess where I am?"



A post shared by Jenine Desiderio (@j9desire) on

Also last Saturday, Jenine went live on Facebook and showed Markus and Russell playing in a house garden.

Because of these bits of information online, some fans are “connecting the dots” and speculating that Janella might be pregnant with Markus' baby and that they might be together in the UK, waiting for Janella to give birth.



Markus' Instagram post last Tuesday, September 15, also triggered more rumors. He wrote in the caption, "As long as I have you, I’m home."

The photo he posted is a single rose with the sky in the background — which, as you might notice, is also Janella's exact profile picture right now.

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