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The most kilig-inducing lines from 'The Four Bad Boys and Me'!

Jeydon to Candice: "'Di ba we had a deal? Sa’kin ka na." These #TFBBAM lines will drive you wild!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/16/2020 in News
The most kilig-inducing lines from 'The Four Bad Boys and Me'!

We all know that "The Four Bad Boys and Me" was based on a kilig Wattpad novel, so we all expected to love the digital lovecast series just as much!

But the way Kaori Oinuma, Rhys Miguel, and Jeremiah Lisbo gave life to the characters of Candice, Jeydon, and Marky, took the kilig experience to a whole new level, with every scene and every line!

Here, we listed the best ones so far that totally made our hearts flutter:

Jeydon: "Ang cute mo diyan... even now."

Referring to Candice's childhood photo, Jeydon gave her a rare compliment! And may pahabol pa na Candice is cute "even now." Pasimpleng the moves din, eh!


Jeydon to Candice: "You're mine. 'Di ba we had a deal? Sa’kin ka na."

And while Jeydon only meant that Candice is his because she is his “slave”, iba pa rin ang kilig namin whenever he mentions that Candice is exclusively for him and him ONLY. 🙈

Marky: "Ikaw naman pinakamaganda dito, ah."

That moment when your crush nominates you to represent the class for the pageant, because he finds you the most beautiful... Ikaw na talaga ang pinagpala, Candice! Ikaw na talaga!


Jeydon to Candice: "I want to spend more time with you, because I wanna be your boyfriend."

The campus heartthrob asking you to be his girlfriend? When episode 3 left us with this major cliffhanger, we couldn't stop ourselves from screaming when Jeydon asked Candice out! 😱


Marky to Candice: "Ako sana... more than friends."

At magpapatalo ba si Marky? He, too, asked Candice to be more than just friends. What does this mean? Why are they suddenly saying these swoon-worthy lines to Candice?

New "The Four Bad Boys and Me" episode will drop tomorrow, September 17! Catch it at 8:30PM on Star Cinema's Youtube, Facebook, and Spotify!

Binge watch the previous episodes here!

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