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5 questions 'The Four Bad Boys and Me’ episode 4 could finally answer

We have burning questions for Candice, Jeydon, and Marky! #TFBBAM

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

9/16/2020 in News
5 questions 'The Four Bad Boys and Me’ episode 4 could finally answer

The first three episodes of "The Four Bad Boys and Me" got us over the moon with "kilig" — but they also left us with so many questions!

As we get to know Candice (Kaori Oinuma), we also see her complicated relationship with her mom Candy (Jenny Jamora) — but where's this angst coming from? Also, we found out that before Candice hated Jeydon's guts (Rhys Miguel), they were the best of friends from way back. 😱 So many things to unpack, right?

In anticipation for the fourth episode dropping tomorrow, September 17, we've compiled some of our burning questions!

1. What caused Candice and Jeydon's falling out?

Right now, Candice and Jeydon can’t stand each other. Tension surely builds every time they meet up. Well, that's probably because they've shared quite a history.

On episode three, Candice told Jeydon, "Lahat naman tayo maraming mistakes 'pag 13 years old. Pero Jeydon, hindi dahil kinakausap kita ngayon, ibig sabihin nun pinapatawad na kita sa mga ginawa niyo noon sa akin."

What did Jeydon do for Candice to hate him like this?

2. Is it over for Tiffany and Troy?

Tiffany (Karina Bautista) has been head over heels for Crush ng Bayan Troy (Aljon Mendoza). She even asked Candice to deliver her love letter for him. However, when she asked Troy about it, he had no idea.

He said, "'Di ko pa nababasa, eh. Ang dami kasi. Ang dami kong backlog sa fan mails. Siguro bukas na lang."

Tiffany was heartbroken and swore, "Magmo-move on na lang ako. Maghahanap na lang ako ng ibang crush. Bye, Troy. Forever."

Oh, no! Tiffany and Troy no more?

3. Who kissed Candice, really?

The ending of the first episode left us with a big "pasabog". Someone grabbed Candice and kissed her, but until now, we don't know who did it! Master Lovecaster DJ Zari (Maymay Entrata) is just as curious as we are. "Yes, Candice, go! Habulin mo kung sino ang nagnakaw ng first kiss mo! #IbalikAngHalik!” she said.

Candice suspected it was Jeydon and she confronted him about it. But Jeydon denied it.

4. Why is Candice always upset with her mom?

Candice's indifference towards her own mom has always been evident. We know that Candice is saving money to buy a ticket to Australia to find her missing dad. However, that still doesn't explain why she's always ignoring her mom’s affection. Guess we'll have to watch out for the following episodes to get to the root of this!

5. Why is Jeydon and Marky suddenly proposing to Candice?

The final scene of the third episode got us shook!

Jeydon told Candice, "I wanna spend more time with you because I wanna be your boyfriend." Marky (Jeremiah Lisbo) then interjected and said, "Ako sana, more than friends."

Umm? What is happening! 😱

Got more questions about "The Four Bad Boys and Me"? Share it with us in the comments!

Meanwhile, new episodes of the digital lovecast series come out every Thursday at 8:30PM on Star Cinema's Youtube, Facebook, and Spotify!

Catch up on the previous episodes here!

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