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Sharon Cuneta drops her own makeup tutorial!

This is how Sharon does her makeup when she's in a hurry!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

9/14/2020 in News
Sharon Cuneta drops her own makeup tutorial!

Megastar Sharon Cuneta has shared her very own makeup tutorial! In her vlog uploaded last Thursday, September 10, she described it as the "simplest of makeups".

The Megastar is a very busy woman, so she has learned to do her face "in a hurry". While putting on her essential products, she also reminisced about how she used to do her own makeup during the early '80s.

"All the way up 'to 1989, '81-'89, if you watch all my movies, 'Nakagapos na Puso,' 'P.S. I Love You,' all of those things, pwera 'yung mga concert — ako lang po nagme-makeup sa sarili ko, sa kotse ko ginagawa. Tapos 'yung makeup brushes ko nasa lap ko na, tapos magsasalamin ako. And I sit in front because I like the air conditioner right on my face, and also because I grew up sitting right beside my dad in the front seat," she related.

When the "Unexpectedly Yours" actress finished her look, she called her friend and makeup artist of 27 years, Peachy.

Peachy shared how scared she was when she did Sharon's look for the first time decades ago.

She said, "Takot na takot ako. Kasi sanay kayo kay Kuya [Fanny Serrano] tapos biglang isasalang ako. Dati ang ginagawa ko re-touch so okay lang ‘yun. Hindi ako gumagawa ng mata tapos biglang isang araw ako."

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Sharon's Youtube channel now has around 120,000 subscribers.

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