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10 Pinoy celebrities with the cutest grandbabies!

These famous grandparents with their baby apos are such a delight to see

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla
- 9/13/2020 in Photos

As they say, there is a kind of unconditional love that only grandparents can give. You see, parents usually do the disciplining — and grandparents? They are our number one "kakampi" in everything.

In celebration of National Grandparents Day, we've listed down 10 celebrities who have the cutest grandbabies. These kids are too cute for words and their grandparents shower them with so much love!

Browse through the gallery above and see some of the most adorable grandparent-grandchild tandems!

Give your Lolo and Lola the tightest hug today.

More grandparents being the best:

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