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'The Four Bad Boys and Me' Episode 3 recap: 'I wanna be your boyfriend'

Candice receives proposals from Jeydon and Marky! 😍 Ang ganda ni sis!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

9/11/2020 in News
'The Four Bad Boys and Me' Episode 3 recap: 'I wanna be your boyfriend'

The opening scene of "The Four Bad Boys and Me" episode three picked up right where episode two left off — in Candice's (Kaori Oinuma) house where Jeydon (Rhys Miguel), Marky (Jeremiah Lisbo), Troy (Aljon Mendoza), and Charles (Mark Rivera) were recording a TikTok video. But why were they in Candice's house? As it turned out, Charles and Candice are siblings! Our hanging question from episode two was finally answered!

Jeydon also found out that Candice was Xavier Ninja. When he confronted her about it in the ladies room, he said, "Ooh, so you do have a dirty little secret." Candice then told Jeydon that she was only doing Xavier Ninja work so she could earn enough money to visit her dad in Australia (which we already learned in the first episode).

As Candice opened up more to Jeydon, a new revelation arose! Apparently, they were childhood friends! Later on in the episode, Candice's mom talked about how inseparable they were when they were kids.

For Jeydon to keep Candice's secret, they struck a deal: Candice will be Jeydon's "slave" for the school year. Seems like a risky move, right? Tanong nga ni Master Lovecaster DJ Zari to Candice: "Kaya mo ba 'yan panindigan?"

It was because of this deal that Candice couldn't say no to Jeydon when he asked her to tutor him after class. Jeydon went to their house and they talked more about their mysterious past.

Candice said, "Never kong nakalimutan 'yung ginawa niyo noon."

No matter how much Jeydon apologized, she wouldn't listen.

The next day, Candice joined section 11 (the class where the APAT belongs) as their assigned student-buddy representative. Ma'am Bihasa then asked for a volunteer to represent their section for the school's talent pageant.

Although Candice was just a temporary student in their section, she was still allowed to join after Marky nominated her (siyempre kinilig nanaman si Candice dito!) Nagpakipot siya ng konti, but she agreed! So yup, it seems like our girl will come head-to-head with Stacey (Chie Filomeno) in the pageant!

Before the episode ended, may malaking pasabog na nangyari!

Jeydon told Candice, "I wanna spend more time with you because I wanna be your boyfriend."

Marky then interjected and said, "Ako sana, more than friends."

What is happening?! Ang haba po ng hair ni Candice!

Watch episode three now!

You can also listen to it here!


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