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LISTEN TO LOVE: 'The Four Bad Boys and Me' Episode 3!

Trouble seems to follow our girl Candice (Kaori) in the latest episode!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/10/2020 in Videos

With a new timeslot comes a new set of things to look forward to in the third episode of "The Four Bad Boys and Me!"

In last week's episode, we were introduced to an all-new character Stacey (Chie Filomeno), Candice (Kaori Oinuma) made friends with one of the APAT members Marky (Jeremiah), and trouble seemed to follow our girl as she became the subject of pranks after one unfortunate encounter with Jeydon (Rhys Miguel).

And yes, it seems like the kalokohans are far from over because Candice found APAT hanging out at her house by the end of Episode 2. Bakit nga ba? Is it part of Jeydon's series of pranks? Let's all find out in the latest episode, which you can watch above!

You can also listen to the third episode here:


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