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Rhys Miguel's funny prank on Kaori Oinuma backfired on him!

It's a prank within a prank! 😂 #KaoRhys

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

9/10/2020 in News
Rhys Miguel's funny prank on Kaori Oinuma backfired on him!

All Rhys Miguel wanted was to prank his "The Four Bad Boys and Me" co-star Kaori Oinuma, but as it turned out — the joke was on him all along. LOL.

Rhys went live on Wednesday, September 9, to interact with his fans. Within the live, he planned a sneaky prank on Kaori.

He said, "I'm going to call Kaori and I'm gonna say na kunwari uuwi ako sa Pinas bukas. And then, sasabihin ko sa kanya na it's a surprise for Star Hunt and RISE."

But it won't stop there. Rhys wanted to really push Kaori to do more things for him. He continued, "So, I'm gonna ask her if she could help me, like pick me up at the airport, see what she says. And then maybe if she agrees to that, I'm gonna try to make her do other things."

After sharing his scheme, the "Pinoy Big Brother: Otso" alum then proceeded on to call his leading lady.

Upon hearing Rhys' statements, Kaori, of course, was very surprised that NO ONE knew Rhys is coming home.

But Kaori said yes. She talked to her aunt to arrange a service van to fetch Rhys. Then, Rhys also requested for her to bring some caldereta, large pillows, a portable electric fan, a welcoming tarpaulin, and drumroll please for a borderline ridiculous request — to get him a quarantine pass.

When everything was settled, Rhys then revealed that it was all a prank! But instead of laughing, Kaori sounded devastated because she had already made a commitment to the van driver.

And then...something unexpected happened — watch the video to find out! 😂

In the second episode of "The Four Bad Boys and Me", Rhys' character Jeydon pulled pranks on Kaori's Candice. Seemed like someone just got their payback!

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