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Andi Eigenmann is simply stunning new maternity photos!

We’re in love with the purity of Andi’s maternity shoot!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 9/1/2020 in Photos

Andi Eigenmann looked dashing and radiant in her latest maternity shoot with Metro.Style!

Following the announcement of her third pregnancy last August 30, the vlogger-actress shared a series of photos from what she described as her “favorite maternity shoot to date” on Instagram yesterday, August 31. In one of the photos, Andi happily posed with her two daughters, eight-year-old Ellie and one-year-old Lilo, who both looked just as gorgeous as their mom.

“What a special shoot this was! Thank you so much for having me once again, Metro Style, and my girls as well. I really loved having Ellie and Lilo be a part of this and doing this with the team behind one of my most memorable shoots yet. 🌸” Andi wrote in the caption.

In a separate post, Andi also said that this may be the last maternity shoot she’ll ever do - hinting that she may no longer have plans of having another kid in the future.

“My favorite maternity shoot to date. ✨ Such a bittersweet feeling as I realize this may be my last. So prepare for a whole lot of preggy pics to come. 😅” she wrote.

You can see more of Andi's gorgeous maternity photos in the gallery above!

Andi, together with her two kids and partner Philmar Alipayo, is based in Siargao. The four of them have a vlogging channel called "Happy Islanders."

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