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KC Concepcion is ready to get married!

KC admits that she was afraid of marriage and men before

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/1/2020 in News
KC Concepcion is ready to get married!

Showbiz royalty KC Concepcion has opened up about her feelings towards marriage.

Growing up, KC said she had a fear of marriage and of men.

"Parang I grew up na takot sa marriage. Takot minsan sa lalaki, ganoon," she said, according to a story by PEP today, September 1. "Parang feeling ko, bago nila ako iwanan, iwan ko muna sila. Ako na mauuna."

When she was in her 20s, KC wasn't even thinking of settling down. However, the ongoing quarantine mandated to fight the spread of COVID-19 made her realize the value of having a partner.

She said, "It’s like, and it wasn’t until the lockdown, the global pandemic that I really always say, 'Wow, now I know the value of having a partner. Now I know the value of having a good partner, a boyfriend, or in the future, a husband.' In a situation like this, if you don’t live with your family anymore, it would be nice to have [an] equal be with you at home—somebody to lean on."

The actress also shared that she went through a phase where she was questioning her worth as a person. When she hit her '30s, she learned that no matter what, she is enough.

She shared, "Maybe because my parents split up. Maybe because my parents have remarried. Maybe because I was just so focused on my career. I’m just the self-actualizing person that always wants to be better and I always grew up feeling less. I don’t even know why."

"I grew up feeling, like, I wasn’t good enough. I don’t even know why. So it’s, like, in my whole 20s and my early 30s, it’s like, ‘Am I good enough yet? Am I enough yet?’ And then you realize, you are enough. More than enough."

KC is now 35, and with all the experiences and wisdom she has gained, she is now welcoming the thought of tying the knot with someone she trusts.

Asked if she's ready to get married, KC answered: "I think so."

She continued, "Of course, it still depends on the person. It’s still a process naman to get to know a person. Hindi naman dahil ready ka to settle down, anyone that comes, siya na. Pero, of course, I think now, with all my wonderful insights, with all of my wonderful wisdom, parang feeling ko [ready na ako]."

KC is the Megastar Sharon Cuneta's daughter with Gabby Concepcion. Sharon and Gabby married in 1984 and separated in 1987.

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