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IN PHOTOS: Creative celebrity maternity shoots released during the quarantine!

Up for a DIY maternity shoot amid the quarantine? These celebrity maternity shoots might just inspire you!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 8/5/2020 in Photos

Being on quarantine made everyone discover their creative side, including some celebrity moms-to-be who went a bit extra for their maternity photos, which were released while the country was on lockdown.

In the gallery above, we compiled photos from creative maternity shoot ideas they pulled off even with the limited resources. While some of these celebrities may have taken the photos pre-lockdown and only released them after the quarantine took effect, soon-to-be moms who are planning on DIY shoots at home can still take inspiration. 'Wag nation kalimutan and iconic garage transformation na ginawa ni Isabel Oli for her maternity shoot. You can literally do anything at home if you have a camera and a supportive partner who is willing to take hundreds of photos of you. LOL!

From Coleen Garcia's fitness-inspired maternity shoot to Lara Quigaman's goddess-inspired photos, see more creative maternity shoot ideas worthy of your Pinterest board in the gallery!

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