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'The Four Bad Boys and Me' Episode 1 recap: Who kissed her?!

We finally entered Xavier High — and Candice (Kaori Oinuma) is in LOTS of trouble! 😱

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

8/28/2020 in News
'The Four Bad Boys and Me' Episode 1 recap: Who kissed her?!

The pilot episode of "Listen to Love: The Four Bad Boys and Me" streamed last night, and it immediately ranked number one on Twitter's trending topics! We've long anticipated the arrival of this exciting visual podcast, and now that it's here — we're thrilled to fangirl and give you weekly recaps of the show!

The lively narrator, the master lovecaster DJ Zari (Maymay Entrata) welcomed us to Xavier High, where straight-A student and "resident loner" Candice (Kaori Oinuma) studies. From the get-go, Candice is clear with one thing — she can't wait to graduate and begin a new chapter in her life.

She goes, "Konti na lang. Makakaalis [na ako] dito. Goodbye Xavier High! Goodbye sa inyong mga conyo at pasusyal, bullies and jerks, feelingero saka mga feelingera. Ready na akong magsimula ng bagong buhay. Australia, here I come!"

Just then, the campus speakers blast an important message from Principal Macalintal: Someone leaked the answer sheet to Xavier University's entrance exam online! After Macalintal threatens students with expulsion, he pages Candice to his office.

Candice utters to herself, "Oh my god. Expulsion? Why me? Hindi na ako makaka-graduate?"

Now, you may ask, why would the smartest girl in class want to leave the school as fast as she can, and more IMPORTANTLY, why is she getting in trouble about cheating?

Then we get it. Sort of.

Candice says, "Nagulo lang naman ang lahat simula nang pumasok 'yang four bad boys na 'yan sa buhay ko!" Enter Jeydon (Rhys Miguel), Marky (Jeremiah Lisbo), Charles (Mark Rivera), and Troy (Aljon Mendoza) — the four bad boys in question. For us to better understand Candice and her mysterious connection with the four bad boys (who are all incredibly handsome, btw), the story takes us back to a month ago.

We meet Candy (Jenny Jamora), Candice's extra perky and energetic mom. One morning, Candy prepares a big breakfast, which are mostly canned goods, but Candice ignores it and goes to school. Oof.

Candice looks like she has a rough relationship with her mom, but in school, she's a sweetheart to her teacher, Ms. Tina (Alora Sasam). Ms. Tina says, "Alam mo ang swerte ko talaga sa'yo na nging adviser mo ako. Mas marami ka pang naitutulong sa akin, kaysa ako sa'yo."

You could see Ms. Tina's confidence in Candice when she entrusts her with confidential school papers.

Then, we discover another layer to Candice's character — she's the anonymous Xavier Ninja (XN) who does school projects for other students in exchange for money. She defends herself by saying, "Yup, I'm Xavier Ninja. But before you judge, school projects lang naman 'yung ginagawa ko 'no. Anything illegal, off-limits 'yan. Siyempre kahit papaano may prinsipyo ako 'no."

In another scene, Candice comes across Jeydon, Marky, Troy, and Charles — collectively called APAT — on campus. Candice seems to be annoyed with the three boys except for Marky. She talks about him saying, "Tahimik lang, mysterious in a good way, laughing eyes..." Ayie!

Back in class, Ms. Tina announces that the school board will implement a student buddy program where top students will be paired with students from lower sections and tutor them. Candice doesn't seem to like the idea but she has no choice because she's one of the best in her class.

Candice comes home that night and gets into an argument with her mother about her money plant which is now placed in the living room. Storming back to her room, Candice talks to the money plant, which she had named Lucky. She said, "Tingnan mo 'tong picture [ni Daddy na nahanap ko]. Nasa Australia siya. Kailangan makapunta na tayo rito. Wala tayong lugar dito [sa Pilipinas]. We can't trust anyone here."

So that's why Candice wants to go to Australia! But why does she seem to hate her mom? Guess we'll find out soon enough.

The next day at school, Candice goes to the library and is approached by Tiffany Chua (Karina Bautista) for the first time ever. Tiffany then says she knows Candice's secret: that she is Xavier Ninja. No matter how many times Candice denies it, Tiffany doesn't budge, and she even asks her to do a special project — to deliver a love note to Troy!

Okay, so Tiffany has a "crush" on Troy? Alright. Although apprehensive, Candice finds Troy to give him the letter. However, Troy is surrounded by APAT and they did not make things easy for Candice. Not one to back down, Candice throws the letter to Troy but accidentally hits Jeydon's face instead.

What follows is a truly tension-filled scene where Jeydon gets all up on Candice's face, demanding an apology. However, she manages to run away and goes back to the school building, all the while ranting to DJ Zari about the four bad boys. Then out of nowhere, someone grabs Candice, pulls her into the janitor's room, and kisses her!

Sino kayang humalik sa kanya? What does this mean? We can't wait to solve this mystery!

Watch the full episode here:

You can also listen to it here!


"The Four Bad Boys and Me" episode 2 comes out next Thursday at 7:30 PM on Star Cinema's Youtube, Facebook, and Spotify!

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