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Korina Sanchez posts 'milestone' of her twins Pepe and Pilar

Looks like Pepe and Pilar are growing up smart! 👶👶

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

8/27/2020 in News
Korina Sanchez posts 'milestone' of her twins Pepe and Pilar

Proud mommy Korina Sanchez shared an adorable milestone achieved by her twins, Pepe and Pilar!

On Wednesday, August 26, the broadcast journalist posted a short clip of her one-year-olds trying to speak!

She wrote, "MILESTONE. Guess what?! When I came back home days ago after weeks of being away, Pilar and Pepe can now say their names and even know how to say how old they are!"

Watch the cute video here!

In a series of posts, Korina shared more details about the twins' progress. She said Pilar has become "taller, thinner, faster and stronger", saying, "Ang bilis tumakbo sa garden! Her hair is longer and her bangs now at just the right length. She wears three ribbons or three clips at a time, kasi gusto niya."

Pepe is also quickly catching up with his sister. Korina said he now stands "taller, leaner, faster, stronger and more confident. Dati, tameme sya sa twin sister niya pag nagsalita na si Pilar. Ngayon, iba na. Parang he is coming on his own and ngayon ay madaldal na."

Pepe and Pilar are Korina's children with former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas. They were conceived via gestational surrogacy and celebrated their first birthday last February.

More irresistibly cute moments!

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