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Kathryn, thankful to friends for treating her like a 'normal person'

Kathryn recalls a memory of a drunken sleepover!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

8/26/2020 in News
Kathryn, thankful to friends for treating her like a 'normal person'

Kathryn Bernardo may lead a vastly different life than the rest of u being one of the biggest celebrities of today, but when she's with her friends, she feels normal.

In her latest vlog, Kathryn had a video call with her best friend Arisse de Santos, where they had lots of fun reminiscing moments they've shared together. Kathryn revealed that they also had their share of drunken sleepovers and being "wasak."

"For me, the secret talaga is balance. You need to have fun once in a while, but also kailangan mo rin magtrabaho in order for you to deserve that extra time," she said.

The "Hello, Love, Goodbye" actress went on to say that it's okay to drink as long as you know that you're with people you trust. Keyword: safety.

She said, "May mga bantay kami. Hindi naman ini-encourage lahat na magpakawasak na ganoon. If you’re with the right people at alam mo namang the place is secure, may maghahatid sa ‘yo, that’s the only time na magpapaka ganoon kami, kasi alam naman namin na we’re safe."

Being in showbiz, Kathryn admitted that it's her friends who usually do the adjusting so they could spend time together. So, whenever she can, she makes up for it.

"Parati sila nag-a-adjust sa akin," she said. "So mini-make sure ko na kapag ‘yung mga minsan na times na off ko, or wala akong work, dapat ma-feel nila na nandoon ka talaga, hindi ka masyadong mag-phone, and then kumustahin ang isa’t isa."

Kathryn is extremely thankful that she is surrounded by friends with whom she can be herself with.

"At the end of the day, walang magagawa ‘yung pera mo or fame mo. Masaya akong natutulog kasi alam ko wala akong nasasaktan na ibang tao. Also, I have real friends na nandiyan. Feeling ko iyon ang totoong meaning ng life: making memories with the people you love. Ngayon talaga, I’m really blessed, kasi mayroong mga tao na bumuo ng pagkatao ko, and isa si Arisse doon," she said.

Watch her full vlog here!

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