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Coleen Garcia continues to work out in her ninth month of pregnancy

Yes, it's possible to work out with a baby bump! This is how Coleen does it!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

8/26/2020 in News
Coleen Garcia continues to work out in her ninth month of pregnancy

"Sin Island" actress Coleen Garcia is due to deliver her baby this September but that's not stopping her from working out!

Since the beginning of her pregnancy, Coleen has kept fit. In an exclusive story by PEP today, August 26, she said she believes that her active lifestyle is one of the reasons why she had a smooth pregnancy journey.

"I really believe that having a healthy lifestyle is one of the reasons why I didn’t go through a hard time while pregnant," she shared. "I feel strong and conditioned, and eating healthy also makes all the difference."

Some may wonder if it is safe to work out even with a baby bump, and the answer is YES. Coleen, for her part, consults with a doctor about her workout routine.

"The key is to never overexert! Working out should make you feel stronger and more energized, not the opposite," Coleen said.

She tried indoor cycling during the early stages of her pregnancy, but once her belly got bigger, she adjusted and "started slowing down according to what [her] body could handle."

In a separate story by PEP, the 27-year-old actress shared that she wanted to do an unmedicated water birth in a hospital. However, her doctors discouraged her from doing it.

"Because of the pandemic, they had to put that method on hold," she said.

Now, Coleen's delivery plan is home birth.

"After thoroughly studying my options, I just don’t feel like I would be as comfortable in a hospital setting right now," she said. "It leaves more room for me to just trust in God and allow the birth to happen as naturally as it can."



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