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Xian Lim opens up about his grandmother's mastectomy

Xian Lim breaks down as he shares this difficult time in their family

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

8/25/2020 in News
Xian Lim opens up about his grandmother's mastectomy

Kapamilya actor has Xian Lim opened up about his grandmother's battle with cancer.

"Today is a different type of day. We are bringing my lola to the hospital. I think the procedure is called mastectomy or something where they have to remove, I guess, her left or right breast because they found cancer. So, my grandma has cancer right now," said Xian on the IGTV video he uploaded on Monday, August 24.

The "Bride for Rent" actor couldn't help but cry as he told his viewers to seize the moment with their loved ones.

He said, "If you have a moment of your time right now just go to your mom, your dad, your grandpa, your lola, and say 'I love you' to them. Enjoy them while they are still around."

Xian's grandmother is stable, but he believes there are "uncertainties in life and there are moments na hindi talaga natin nako-control."

"So, don't take time for granted. Love your parents, love your grandparents 'cause all the money in the world, all the things that you have, wala 'yang laban sa time. So, just please reach out to your family now and just give them a hug and say I love you to them," Xian said.

The 31-year-old actor admitted that he's not one to bare his feelings, but this time, he felt like he could inspire people to express their love to their family more.

"I barely share anything. I'm a closed person pero, 'yon nga, sa lahat nang nagyayari ngayon I just wanted to share some positivity to my viewers and to all that's watching na baka may mapulot kayong something na aral," he said.

"Just love the people around you. That's it. Peace, guys."

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