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PHOTOS: Meet the Stacey of 'The Four Bad Boys and Me'!

Stacey Chua (Chie Filomeno) is going to be the best kind of nightmare in "The Four Bad Boys and Me"!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 8/18/2020 in Photos

Chie Filomeno has a quiet fierceness to her that makes her perfect to be a loveable kontrabida. And in the upcoming "Listen to Love" visual podcast adaptation of "The Four Bad Boys and Me," the actress is set to make us all love and hate her as the campus queen bee, Stacey Chua.

But if there's another thing we admire about Chie, it's how hard she works to achieve #BodyGoals. This girl is ripped and she inspires us to be just as dedicated to health as she is.

Excited to meet Stacey? We know you are, and we are too. But as we all wait for "The Four Bad Boys and Me" to drop, let's all bow down to the fitness queen that is Chie Filomeno and browse through her jaw-dropping photos in the gallery above!

“The Four Bad Boys and Me” is Star Cinema’s first-ever visual podcast under “Listen to Love.” Helmed by director Joel Ferrer, it will also star Rhys Miguel, Jeremiah Lisbo, Mark Rivera, Aljon Mendoza, Karina Bautista, Alora Sasam, and Jenny Jamora.

It will be available for streaming this August 27 on Star Cinema’s Youtube, Facebook, and Spotify!

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