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3 things that made us kilig from Tony and JC's 'Love Out Loud' game!

Eh 'yung napasabi ng "I love you" si Tony kay JC? Hoy ang puso namin! 🙈

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

8/13/2020 in News
3 things that made us kilig from Tony and JC's 'Love Out Loud' game!

"Hello, Stranger" stars Tony Labrusca and JC Alcantara are the latest to take on Star Cinema's "Love Out Loud"!

The game was divided into three parts: first was Bato Bato Pik with a twist, second was Unli Likes challenge, and the last was the lip reading challenge.

Here, we listed down three of the cutest, most kilig moments from the pair throughout the game:

1. Tony and JC twinning for 3 consecutive times

During the Bato Bato Pik, it seems like the two were reading each other's minds, they kept doing the same thing over and over again. They even had to resort to looking back at each other just so they could finish the game.


2. Tony saying "I love you" to JC

..for a game that is, which was the lip reading challenge. The word that needed to be guessed was "Love you" but Tony thought it was "I love you" that totally left JC speechless. Enebeyen!


3. Their "mutual understanding"

Apart from seemingly being able to read each other's minds, they seem to have a bunch of inside jokes. Sige na Tony at JC, dito na lang kami. We'll let you enjoy your own little world. 🙈


Watch the full game here:

Catch Tony, JC, and the rest of the "Hello, Stranger" barkada this August 16, Sunday for their show's finale fancon! For those who are interested, you can purchase your tickets at ktx.ph for only PHP99.

Watch more videos here:




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