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'Hello, Stranger' Episode 3: Xavier admits that he likes Mico! *cue screaming*

Mico (JC) has also been noticing his ~surging heartbeat~ whenever he thinks of Xavier (Tony)!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

7/9/2020 in News
'Hello, Stranger' Episode 3: Xavier admits that he likes Mico! *cue screaming*

The third episode of "Hello, Stranger" is here, and it gave us nothing but endless smiles and giddy feelings!

In the latest upload of ABS-CBN Films, Black Sheep yesterday, July 8, we saw that Xavier (Tony Labrusca) and his girlfriend Crystal (Gillian Vicencio) have officially called it quits, leaving Xavier all heartbroken. Mico (JC Alcantara) then tried comforting Xavier, and invited him to a watch party.


As the two enjoyed their time watching a movie together, Xavier and Mico also got the chance to have a deep heart-to-heart talk. Xavier found out why Mico chooses to be single, and he then explained why love is actually a beautiful thing. Xavier even demonstrated how he liked to kiss his partners, leaving Mico with some interesting imaginative thoughts.


The next morning, the two had a video call for their project, and Mico acted all awkward. Xavier then noticed Mico's uneasiness and told him he shouldn't feel shy if there was anything he wanted to confess. Our hearts!!! Mico proceeded to deny any pending confessions but Xavier gladly took one for the team on this one and fessed up that he actually liked Mico. Cue screaming! We haven't stopped screaming since watching this scene!

Watch the full episode here:

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New "Hello, Stranger" episodes come every Wednesday at 8:30 PM on Black Sheep's Facebook and Youtube! Make sure to follow them on their social media accounts for more updates!

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Hello, Stranger,' coming to Black Sheep's Facebook and Youtube this June 24!