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PHOTOS: More snaps of Sofia and Daniel’s beautiful daughter, Zoe Natalia!

We can't get enough of Baby Zoe's cuteness and gorgeous face!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 7/8/2020 in Photos

Father's Day 2020 will always be extra special for Sofia Andres and boyfriend Daniel Miranda, as it marked the day they finally introduced their daughter Zoe Natalia to the world.

And now that she's officially gone public with her Mini-Me, Sofia can’t stop gushing over her daughter and we totally understand why -- who wouldn't get gigil and obsessed over Baby Zoe’s cute, chubby cheeks, sparkly eyes, and long, beautiful lashes? We’d probably be flooding our feeds too if we have a child just like Zoe!

Sofia made an official Instagram account for her daughter (@iamzoemiranda) and now, we can finally have our daily dose of Zoe's cuteness. For those who can't get enough of her just like us, we've compiled her photos in the gallery above so we can all bask in the adorableness of this little ball of sunshine! Swipe away!

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