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What to watch on iWant this July: ‘Clarita,’ ‘Love Lockdown’ + more!

From thrillers to rom-coms, these movies will take away your cabin fever!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

7/4/2020 in News
What to watch on iWant this July: ‘Clarita,’ ‘Love Lockdown’ + more!

We’re now officially in the second half of 2020, and while everyone may have already adjusted with the “new normal,” watching movies in cinemas is still among the activities that remain prohibited amid the pandemic.

Thanks to iWant, you can still enjoy movies in the comfort of your home. We listed down some of the movies you might enjoy watching this July via the iWant app or the website:

“In My Life”

Pride Month may be over, but the lessons about family and unconditional love from this movie will always be timeless. This 2009 film follows the story of Shirley (Vilma Santos) who flew all the way to New York to reconnect with her estranged son Mark (Luis Manzano) only to find out that he’s gay and is living with his lover Noel (John Lloyd Cruz).

The heartwarming reunion-turned-heated exchanges will teach us a thing or two about compassion and true love.

Watch the full movie here.

“Last Fool Show”

If you’ve always been curious or interested in filmmaking, then this movie is perfect for you. The 2019 rom-com didn't only give us a good dose of kilig between Mayessa (Arci Munoz) and Paulo (JM De Guzman), but it also gave us a glimpse of how mainstream movies are actually made.

Watch the full movie here.

“Love Lockdown”

Shot during the lockdown amid the pandemic, this iWant original film revolves around 8 different people who got caught in different mishaps. An interesting thing about the movie is how the stars actually managed to shoot their scenes all on their own, using only their mobile phones and other equipment, without any crew.

Watch the full movie here.


Unexpected love stories just hit differently, just like Malaya (Lovi Poe) and Santiago’s (Zanjoe Marudo). These two first met in Italy and taught us all about how far someone can go in accepting the person they love.

Watch the full movie here.


If you’re more of a horror kind of person, then this 2019 film will give you literal chills down your spine. The film was based on a real-life story of a 17-year-old woman named Clarita, who was possessed by a demon. So, yup, this is about a real exorcism story that took place in the Philippines in 1953.

Watch the full movie here.

Which among these movies are you going to see first? Tell us in the comments!

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