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'Hello, Stranger' Episode 6: Xavier and Mico go back to being 'strangers'

When the Young Padawans accepted Mico's (JC) apology wholeheartedly, we felt that.

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

7/30/2020 in News
'Hello, Stranger' Episode 6: Xavier and Mico go back to being 'strangers'

We were all left with so much kilig from last week's episode of "Hello, Stranger" when Xavier (Tony Labrusca) dedicated a song for Mico (JC Alcantara).

But now it's time to get hurt.

In this week's episode, we finally saw the story from Xavier's point of view. We saw how Mico brought color to his once dull life and how happy he became when their friendship developed. Mico even made a pinky promise that he will always have Xavier's back whenever he feels sad.


However, Mico was shocked about the song. All he could do was respond with an awkward laugh and say, "Joke 'yan, 'no? Para 'tong sira."

Xavier, who, of course, didn't know how to respond back, took the "joke" out, and said the song was for his ex-girlfriend Crystal (Gillian Vicencio). Their heartbreakingly awkward conversation led to a gray area where they, unfortunately, both felt like they were strangers again. Now, their messages are back to being just about their projects, as if they never get to know each other at all. Yes, guys, the pain train is here and we are all on it.


Mico also finally got the chance to apologize to the Young Padawans about his selfishness and insensitivity. Of course, hindi naman siya natiis noong tatlo and they eventually made up. His barkada also gave him the opportunity to reveal who his mystery crush is. Mico mustered up enough courage to finally admit that his mystery crush was Xavier, but he didn't need any courage at all it seemed because his friends accepted him wholeheartedly, even if he, himself, is still confused about his feelings.

Meanwhile, Xavier and Crystal finally made up and seemed to be back together. Mico even saw them together looking all sweet and in love and that led him to what he didn't know would be his greatest heartbreak. (And to be honest, ours too.)

After reminiscing about all the good things he once felt with Xavier, Mico drowned in his sadness and said, "Ayoko na sa'yo, Xavier."

Watch the full episode here:

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