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Alice Dixson bares her truth about the famous 'Taong Ahas' urban legend

Alice has finally put an end to the rumors once and for all.

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

7/28/2020 in News
Alice Dixson bares her truth about the famous 'Taong Ahas' urban legend

Alice Dixson has finally put the "Taong Ahas" urban legend to rest as she revealed the truth in her latest vlog last July 25.

A couple of decades after the urban legend came out, the actress finally decided to air her truth regarding the half-snake man that allegedly haunts the dressing rooms of a mall in Ortigas and eats the women it fancies. According to Alice, there is no truth to the rumors at all.


"Nothing really happened. Nothing really happened in the way the urban legend or the myth dictates. Kunwari, hindi naman ako nahulog sa trap door. Hindi naman ako tumakbo sa corridor palabas papunta sa hotel," she explained in the video.

"Hindi rin naman ako nabayaran ng 850 million, at hindi rin nangyari 'yung na-cut 'yung pagsasalita ko sa isang TV show when I was trying to explain myself. Those things are all not true," she added.

However, Alice said that she did have an incident in that mall while she was shooting for a project. She shared, "They directed me to the bathroom sa labas ng department store on the fourth floor para magpalit ng damit. Natatandaan ko nga may nag-uusyoso sa labas, and for some reason while I was inside the bathroom, I said, 'Tuklaw, tuklaw.'"

"Now, I don't really know kung bakit ko iyon ginawa. Siguro kasi, I was just being funny? I was trying to get a laugh sa mga kasamahan ko? I was being young and silly," she continued.


The actress then referenced her "Dyesebel" co-star Richard Gomez who starred in the 1986 film "Tuklaw" which was probably the reason why she said those words while she was in the bathroom.

Since then, the "Taong Ahas" urban legend has been quite popular, and had been passed on from one generation to another. According to Alice, she decided to keep her mouth shut because she knew she couldn't change people's minds.

"In my defense, even before kahit ngayon 'pag mayroong hindi totoong rumor, naniniwala akong hindi ko kailangang patulan. That's one of my reasons why hindi ako nagkomento doon. In fact, nakalimutan ko all about it until recently."

"I already told you my truth," she pressed. "Hopefully, this is the first and last time I'm going to need to explain myself or say anything about it."

Watch her full vlog here:


Alice's last big screen outing was in the 2017 horror film "The Ghost Bride."

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