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PHOTOS: 15 most beautiful shots of Claudine Barretto in film

Claudine's angelic face is truly the definition of timeless beauty

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 7/20/2020 in Photos

The early 2000s era wouldn’t be as iconic as it was if not for films that starred the one and only Optimum Star, Claudine Barretto.

Her mesmerizing beauty made us all fall in love with her characters in film. With her innocent and expressive eyes, Claudine made every scene a delight to watch no matter whom she gets paired with. That, combined with an explosive screen presence and acting prowess that's just chef's kiss a treat, made her a superstar.

And in celebration of her birthday today, July 20, we compiled her most gorgeous shots in film in the gallery above. Happy birthday, Claudine!

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