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Kaori, Rhys + Jeremiah, excited to portray their roles for 'The Four Bad Boys and Me'!

Kaori, who will be playing Candice, revealed that she was a big fan of the Wattpad story back when she was still in Japan!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

7/17/2020 in News
Kaori, Rhys + Jeremiah, excited to portray their roles for 'The Four Bad Boys and Me'!

Three of the cast members for the upcoming "The Four Bad Boys and Me" adaptation has been revealed!

Wattpad author Tina Lata finally introduced them during the July 17 episode of "We Rise Together." Kaori Oinuma will be portraying Candice, Rhys Eugenio will be Jeydon, and Jeremiah Lisbo will play Marky for the first “Listen 2 Love” love podcast or lovecast.

The full cast list will be unveiled on Tina's Youtube channel this July 18.


The lead stars expressed their gratitude and excitement to be part of "The Four Bad Boys and Me."

"Sobrang saya ko lang kasi parang passion ko na rin 'to na maging isang aktor na alam mo 'yung purpose mo na magbigay ng emosyon sa mga tao at sa mga nanonood. Gusto natin sila mapasaya," Jeremiah said.



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Meanwhile, Rhys is "super excited" to star in yet another Wattpad novel-turned-series. This will be his second after he was cast in the upcoming iWant show, "He's Into Her."

"When they told me, I was super excited," Rhys exclaimed. "I really couldn't believe it because I was part of 'He's Into Her' and I'm with Jeremiah and Kaori also. That's also Wattpad, so to be involved in another Wattpad again, it feels like a big blessing and I'm super excited for this role," he added.


Kaori, on the other hand, still can't believe that she will be part of the series adaptation of a Wattpad story that was a huge part of her childhood.

"Noong sinabi sa'kin ng management na 'The Four Bad Boys,' nanlaki 'yung mata ko kasi binabasa ko 'yun noong bata ko," Kaori revealed.

"Na-shock talaga ako, sobrang excited ako. Sobrang excited ako makapagbigay saya kasi 'yung 'Four Bad Boys,' isa 'yun sa nagbigay saya sa'kin sa Japan kasi nagho-homesick ako. Thank you so much sa tiwala," she said.


Who else is excited to watch 'The Four Bad Boys and Me'? It is coming to you very soon on Star Cinema's Youtube and Facebook, as well as on Spotify!

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