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IN PHOTOS: Nikki Gil’s beautiful life as a mom to Finn Albert!

Nikki’s transition from VJ to Mommy is definitely one of the most beautiful journeys we’ve seen!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 6/6/2020 in Photos

It’s always nice to see how our favorite stars have transformed from showbiz idols into beautiful parents.

This is the case for Nikki Gil, whom we once looked up to as one of the best MYX VJs. She is now as a hands-on mom to her unico hijo!

It's been almost five years since she married her non-showbiz partner BJ Albert and the couple have been blessed with a handsome son named Finn. Nikki took a break from the limelight to pour all her love and focus to raising Finn, from lulling him to sleep every night to being the most hands-on mom during their trips.

To see how much motherhood has changed Nikki, you can see photos of her family in the gallery above!

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