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IN PHOTOS: 6 celebrities who went out in disguise!

Would you be able to spot these stars if you see them in disguise like these?

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 6/27/2020 in Photos

It’s almost impossible for A-list celebrities to go out and just be normal. Oftentimes, cameras follow them, be it from their fans or some paparazzi trying to capture their every move.

That’s why you cannot blame these stars for going incognito in public — wearing wigs, some heavy makeup, or even transforming themselves overall just to be out of the public eye. While some did it for personal reasons, some chose to do it as part of a show. Nonetheless, they’re still in “unrecognizable” mode.

Here, we gathered the 6 celebrities who once tried disguising themselves in public and were actually successful. Check them all out in the gallery above and share your thoughts about their amazing disguises in the comments section!

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